About Us

Grayman Defense started with the belief that protecting yourself and your family goes one step beyond carrying concealed. The Grayman blends in to avoid becoming a target. You protect yourself and your loved ones by concealing the fact that you’re prepared. 

Our holsters are designed for deep concealment. Grayman holsters are made to feel great so you can carry all day, every day. We take pride in our craft knowing that you are relying on our holster for your defense. That's not something we take lightly. 

Grayman Defense is family owned and operated. Every custom Grayman holster is hand made in our shop. They’re designed for comfort and tested for quality. All of our products are backed by our 100% guarantee. We make our holsters reliable so that you can trust your life and your family’s lives on it. And when you wear a Grayman holster, it blends in - just like you.